About Redbridge

For decades, Redbridge has promised its residents a great quality of life. We have high performing schools, relatively affordable housing, green space and strong communities. From east end working class communities leaving the inner city, to Punjabi or Romanian families traversing continents in search of a new life, we have always welcomed new communities to a Borough where they can find opportunity and

Our challenges are clear. Redbridge’s population has grown and changed substantially over the past few decades. It is projected to rise by up to 60,000 over the coming decade as Crossrail brings new residents into Ilford and its surrounding neighbourhoods. This makes us the fourth fastest growing part of the country, as well as the fourth most diverse London Borough.

The Borough’s great opportunity lies in regeneration. By 2030, we aim to build over 17,500 new homes, generate 5,000 jobs and create the opportunity for a new leisure and cultural offer, alongside new community facilities. We need to seize this opportunity and ensure it delivers tangible benefits for the communities of today as well as the residents of tomorrow.

Regeneration is about much more than bricks and mortar. It is about strengthening our communities and ensuring that they have a stake in our new high streets. It is about designing places that improve health and reduce crime, and capturing the financial benefits of new development to provide imaginative support and dignity to our older and disabled residents. It is about building green, safe, sustainable places and encouraging the creativity of our residents so they can make the most of the change around them. Ultimately, it is about including everyone in the next chapter of our story.

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